TwoBlakBirds brings together the two passions that Sean and Ben each share in and are proud of, Aboriginal Culture and Cycling.

The TwoBlakBirds refers to the Crow which is Ben’s totem, and the Black Cockatoo which Sean shares a strong connection to. TwoBlakBirds designs will share Aboriginal Culture looking at both contemporary and traditional aspects of seasonal changes to country.

We created a cycling brand that combines comfort, style, sophistication with Blak-fella flavour. Apparel for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous cyclists that looks good and keeps you culturally informed, whether you’re on the bitumen or getting dirty on the trails. TwoBlakBirds is clothing with a conscience.

TwoBlakBirds goal is to bring story, style, heart and passion to the world of high-end cycling. The first creation of a world where cycling meets 65,000 + years of culture.

TwoBlakBirds where lycra meets lore

clip-ins meet culture
and authenticity is everything

Shared Path Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

                           ICN 8171                                                 ABN 20 813 170 304