Shared Path is an incubator for Indigenous Business and  Entrepreneurial talent. Our individual journeys and collective experiences have led us to this approach, as a catalyst for Indigenous People to achieve true self determination.


Our Staff, Board and Members contain a wide range of knowledge and years of experience that is positioning Shared Path to fill a critical role in Indigenous business and economic development. 


Shared Path is developing a unique program, with a coordinated approach to developing the skills and confidence of budding Indigenous Entrepreneurs to pursue their own business ideas. Our approach integrates theoretical knowledge and qualification attainment with immediate practical application and employment.



Shared Path is building and hosting a range of enterprises that will operate around the central incubator. The premium cycling brand TwoBlakBirds is one of these enterprises. TwoBlakBirds offers a unique product that embeds culture, learning, style and performance into the design of cycling clothing and active wear. All profits from TwoBlakBirds are reinvested into the incubator.


Our incubator program participants achieve experience through employment and develop the capacity to make choices in their future self determination.

Shared Path wants to use its corporate networks, with direct links to industry experts and leaders, to provide targeted opportunities and support for its program participants. These networks will be maintained and accessed by our Shared Path Program Alumni to provide continued development opportunities.


Success will see a strong, sustainable, and profitable Shared Path with flourishing enterprises being ably and confidently run by our program participants. Following completion of the program, the entrepreneurs will go on to develop their own vibrant, profitable, and innovative businesses that will add to the depth and breadth of the Indigenous Business Sector in Australia. Following a successful implementation in Sydney, Shared Path aims to help develop new business incubators in other regions across the country.

Shared Path Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

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