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The Blak Tek Project is a technology capacity building program designed to run in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities. Background information on the evolution of the Blak Tek Project can be found here.

The aim of the Blak Tek Project is to equip Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People and Communities with the skills and capability to close the digital divide and take part in the digital economy, allowing them to develop businesses on their land and fulfil cultural responsibilities. LinkedIn recently released a report detailing the importance of digital skills for emerging jobs and industries in Australia. The Blak Tek Project is a stepping stone for people and communities to take advantage of these opportunities.

Since September 2018 we have worked with, and spoken to many Communities about the potential uses and applications of technology in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community context. These conversations have been enlightening and reinforcing at the same time. Communities have been thinking about how they would like to use digital technology for projects such as:

  • Language apps – to record, teach, and use local languages that can be linked to physical cultural programs

  • Education – protecting and promoting knowledge in line with cultural protocols using blockchain

  • Health apps – suicide prevention; diabetes monitoring; NDIS Support

  • Tourism

  • Blockchain identification – Indigenous products; fisheries; art and artefacts

  • Localised Clan and Family genealogy and kinship systems


It should be noted that these projects would be developed, managed and controlled by local, individual Communities. Each of these project streams could have business applications if the Community decides to use the digital resources for this purpose.

There is an introductory level course and the first stage of the Blak Tek Project coursework that are available for a subscription fee for 12 months. Micro qualifications are attained at the successful completion of the coursework.


An Introduction to the Blak Tek Project and Digital Skills

  • Introduction to Digital Skills

  • Introduction to the Physical Characteristics of a Computer

  • Quick Start Guides to Windows 10 Programs


The Blak Tek Project – Level 1 Coursework

  • Digital Ethics and Citizenship

  • Bio Wearables and Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Self Care

A roundtable discussion was hosted by Microsoft in late 2019, and the white paper First Foundations: Digital Futures was produced. The key lessons from the white paper are detailed below:


First Foundations: Digital Futures – Key Lessons 

  • Developing digital skills within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities helps preserve culture, protect country and create social and economic opportunities

  • Success derives from community-led programs that lead with aspirations 

  • Culture must stay at the heart of all skills development. It ensures people are put first and provides the context to support and propel lifelong learning

  • Community champions, especially Elders and leaders, are essential to drive uptake of programs in community and dispel distrust of technology. Indigenous business leaders are important mentors

  • Programs must have a long-term focus due to complex issues at play; there are no quick wins, this requires sustained effort and investment

  • A national funding model that can respond to the specific local needs and 


Shared Path, through the Blak Tek Project, is committed to making Digital Futures our digital today.

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