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Shared Path worked in partnership with Indigital and Microsoft to develop and implement the Digital Custodians Program. Since the Digital Custodians Program has concluded we are rebranding the Community stream, to now be known as the Blak Tek Project


​Since 2018, Shared Path has been working with Indigenous Communities to build and run their own technology projects. The goal of the Blak Tek Project is to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Communities with the skills and capability to take part in the global digital economy, allowing them to develop businesses on their land and fulfil cultural responsibilities.


Throughout 2019 and early 2020, Shared Path has been working to be able to offer an online learning system to support on-Country learning for Blak Tek Project participants. We are keen to work with Communities and organisations to help secure funding for their own computers, infrastructure, and access to the Blak Tek Community Education Platform.

There are four key types of participants we have seen through the Blak Tek Project creating different learning journeys

1- The Digital and Technology curious.

2- Those looking to upskill for employment or business opportunities.

3- The builders of digital assets and infrastructure for community.

4- Community leadership creating pathways for the future.

Blak Tek Project participants are not directed into separate streams but allowed to freely explore to maximise the outcomes.

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